How to distinguish the difference between the mineral glass and sapphire glass

By Bruce | 10 October 2017 | 5 Comments
Hardness:mineral glass is Mohs 5 ,sapphire glass is Mohs 9
First of all, you can tap your eyes with your fingers and listen carefully. Acrylic mirror will be issued like a plastic sound, and the sound of the glass is thicker. Second, you can judge from the weight point of view, the most light acrylic mirror, sapphire mirror the most important. As the sapphire thermal effect is very good, so when you touch the time, there will be a sense of cold. As the mirror of sapphire than the other two kinds of material mirror smooth, so if you drop water on the sapphire mirror, water droplets in the above is not easy to spread, and other materials will be scattered into one.
Here attached the three different way for your reference:
1 gas method
On the surface Oh breath, the fog quickly spread out for the sapphire crystal glass, the general situation is when you put the mouth from the top of the mirror to open the moment to disperse, look at the surface when you can not see the fog.
2. Tap the law
With a nail gently tapping the surface, remember, must be gentle, false is likely to break, when you want to lose it bad, if the sound is dull sapphire crystal surface, if it is Of the crystal or glass, the sound is relatively crisp.
3. dripping method
Conditional circumstances, a drop of water on the surface, and then the surface up, the water will not spread, and slowly slipped, must be slow, very slow very slow, this is the sapphire crystal.

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