Knowledge about waterproof

By Bruce | 11 October 2017 | 5 Comments
Knowledge about waterproof
Recently ,so many clients ask us about the waterproof,and dont know how to choose which waterproof level.Here attached the knowledge about the waterproof for your reference:
1ATM = 10mwater proof
2ATM = 20mwater proof
3ATM = 30mwater proof
4ATM = 40mwater proof
5ATM = 50mwater proof
Note:Do not misunderstand it into it is means the depth you can put in water ,it means pressure it can stand on the depth. We say that the atmosphere of the truth is right, (for example, "30 meters waterproof" is in the watch, and the water are still in the case, to bear. If the pressure is too large, then the so-called 30M would have no meaning ) But the other is not right, the watch waterproof mainly rely on the inside of the waterproof gasket .these are for steel, plastic, rubber strap table, if the leather strap do not let it touches even a little bit of water, including your sweat.

Here attached the picture can show you more exactly:


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